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Chats With Spirit

25 Minutes   |   English |  Leisha Olesch | Mel Andre

Join Leisha, The Traveling Psychic Medium, as she travels the world! Leisha is a Natural Born Professional Psychic Medium who travels the world exploring places and giving psychic readings. 

Leisha goes to new places, meets and reads for people all around the world. You will get to watch her adventures first hand!

Watch Season 1 now on the ENSL TV app or on the ENSL Channel on Roku TV

Chats With Spirit, Leisha Olesch, Produced By Mel Andre, ENSL TV

Watch New Seasons on The ENSL TV APP or The ENSL Roku Channel

Watch Older Seasons Here: 

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Season 1 Episode 1

Chico's Paradise 

Season 1 Episode 2

Travel, Goosebumps & Psychic Quirks

Season 1 Episode 3

Lady of Gudalupe

Season 1 Episode 4

Signs & Change 

Season 1 Episode 5

Bay of Banderas

Season 1 Episode 6

Spirit & Conquistadors 
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