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Lesbians: We Do Exist

45 Mins |   English |  Mel Andre |

Where are the Lesbians? While the LGBTQ community has made many advances in the past few decades, many lesbians outside of major cities are struggling to find community. Across the globe, there isn't a shortage of places for Gay Men to gather, party, and connect. Lesbians, on the hand, are struggling to keep venues open. Women who love women are now starting to look for community in many different places, in an attempt to prove Lesbians are here. A growing group of locals and expats in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, are coming together to build a community in a region that has long been a destination for gay men. Through social media, WhatsApp groups, and one lesbian bar, women who love women are pushing back to prove that they are here and that they do exist.

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